5 Common Exterior Painting Issues & How to Avoid Them

Is your exterior painting peeling off even though it was only applied a few years ago? To be honest, high-quality paint doesn’t peel off easily, and if yours does, in this article, we discuss common exterior painting issues and how you can avoid them.

1. Paint Failure:

Paint failure happens when the paint is exposed to extremely harsh climates, such as high winds, extreme heat, wind-driven-rain or snow. Paint failure is unlikely to happen on high-quality paint, especially when mixed with additives for extra protection against elements.

So why does paint failure happen on low-quality paint?

Paint failure occurs with low-quality paint due to poor adhesion, stain resistance and durability. Low-quality paints are cheaper but often very inferior. You may think you are saving money on the cost of your project but it can end up costing you more.

2. Peeling and Blistering:

Peeling and blistering can occur if the surface is not prepared correctly before applying the paint. Professional painters like Schuster’s Painting use a power washer and cleaner to remove dirt and debris, then apply primer designed for exterior surfaces.

What happens if the surface is not prepared correctly?

When the surface is not prepared correctly, poor adhesion happens. Poor adhesion can also occur when the paint is misused or not applied with an even coat.

How to avoid the paint from peeling and blistering?

Use high-quality paint, and hire professional painters.

3. Colour Fading:

UV rays and sunlight can cause paint colours to fade over time, so selecting high-quality, fade-resistant paint is essential. Additionally, you can choose to use a topcoat for extra protection from the sun’s UV rays.

How to protect your paint from fading?

A high-quality clear coat is an excellent top coat to protect the paint from fading.

Clearcoats are designed to act as a sealant between the paint’s surface and the environment, helping protect it from UV radiation and harsh weather conditions. Depending on its formulation, the clearcoat can also give your paint an extra layer of shine and help it last longer.

4. Mildew or Algae:

These problems occur due to moisture buildup on the siding and can cause discolouration. To avoid this issue, clean your exterior surfaces regularly with mildew-resistant cleaners.

What are some of the best mildew-resistant cleaners?

Mildew and mould can be challenging to eliminate, so having the right cleaning products on hand is essential. Products like borax, hydrogen peroxide, and white vinegar are some solutions that work best for removing mildew.

5. Poor Coverage:

Applying multiple layers of paint is often necessary to achieve the desired look and coverage, but this can result in streaks or uneven colouration.

To avoid this issue, use quality paint with good coverage without needing multiple coats.

What are the best paint brands in Australia?

Premium paint brands available in Australia include Taubmans, Dulux, Haymes, Wattyl and Porter’s Paints.

Following the tips above, you can ensure that your exterior painting project is done right and lasts for years. Also, hire a professional painter if you want guaranteed results or are unsure how to paint your home’s exterior properly.

If you’re in Brisbane looking for a professional exterior painter, contact Ben at Schuster’s Painting.
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