5 Exterior Painting Colours for 2023

2023 is the perfect time to give your house a fresh look with a new coat of paint. Choosing a suitable colour scheme for your home exterior can be daunting, so we’ve compiled five top trending colours you should consider when selecting a paint colour for the outside of your house.

1. Cottage White:

Its soft, creamy hue adds a light, airy feel to your house exterior and makes it look inviting. Cottage white is perfect for any home style, from traditional to modern.

2. Mediterranean Blue:

This colour brings out the details in stone or brickwork and adds a touch of sophistication to your home exterior. It’s the perfect choice for a home with an outdoor patio or garden.

3. Dusty Sage:

If you want a subtle but stylish look, dusty sage is the way to go. This colour pairs nicely with neutrals like beige and grey, making it an excellent option for adding texture to your home exterior.

4. Desert Tan:

This warm, earthy tone is an excellent choice for homes in arid climates. It adds an inviting warmth to the exterior of your home and complements most outdoor landscaping designs.

5. Charcoal Grey:

Charcoal grey is the perfect paint colour for a modern, minimalist look. It’s a great way to create a powerful and bold statement for your home exterior.

No matter which colour you choose, these five trends will help you make an informed decision when selecting your preference. With one of these trending colours, you’ll have a beautiful home exterior that stands out.

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