5 Reasons Why Your Interior Paint is Peeling

Interior painting is a great way to freshen up a room and add character to your home, but it can be a hassle when the paint begins to peel off.

If you’re wondering why a newly painted surface starts peeling off, this content will help you understand how paint works.

By understanding the potential causes of paint peeling, you can take steps to fix the issue and ensure that your interior painting lasts. With extra preparation and attention, you can enjoy beautiful results for years to come.

Without further ado, here are five common reasons why interior painting may be peeling off:

1. Poor Preparation

Proper surface preparation is vital for a successful paint job. Before applying paint, walls need to be adequately cleaned and prepped. A thoroughly cleaned surface can lead to good adhesion.

When choosing a painter, ensure to ask questions related to surface preparation. A good painter will discuss their preparation process and will answer any questions you may have without any trouble.

2. Low-Quality Paint

Cheap, substandard or low-quality paints may contain inferior ingredients, making them less durable and more prone to peeling. Solvent-based paints containing high VOC are more likely to peel off compared to latex and enviro-friendly paints.

3. Moisture Intrusion

Water is the enemy of paint, so even small amounts can cause issues. A moisture problem in your home, such as a leaky roof or plumbing issue, can cause the colour to bubble and peel.

4. Exposure to Elements

Elements like UV Rays, extreme heat and harsh climate can cause paint to fade over time, causing it to peel off. Applying an exterior-grade primer with high UV protection ensures that the painted surface stands up better against sunlight exposure.

5. Poor Application

Applying paint unevenly or sloppily can compromise its adhesion to the wall and cause it to peel off over time. Professional painters use good-quality brushes, rollers, sprayers and other tools to achieve a professional-looking finish.

So, if you want your interior paint to last many years without peeling off, consider hiring a professional painter. If you are in Brisbane, and looking for an interior painter near you, contact Schuster’s Painting.

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