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Schuster’s Painting has a long history in Brisbane, with members of the Schuster family involved in residential and commercial painting for decades.

Committed to delivering professional and exceptional painting solutions to homes and businesses in Brisbane, Ben Schuster and his team employed several apprentices and invested enough time, money and energy training them the best painting techniques and practices.

Schuster’s Painting are the painters you’ve been looking for. Whether you’re after paint/repaint of your home (new or old) or investment property, or just rental touch-ups, we’ll make sure it’s painted professionally whilst upholding the highest standards.

If you choose us, we can guarantee high quality workmanship, clear and frequent communication, attention to detail, excellent results for your budget. We also promise to clean up the work area after your painting project is complete.

Meet Ben and The Team

Ben Schuster


Ben is Brisbane born and bred and the Director of Schuster’s Painting. Coming from a family of Painting experts, Ben has had extensive painting experience since his younger years. He specialises in interior & exterior painting for residential and commercial structures. With his 100% eye for detail, you’ll get the best and most long-lasting finish for your paintwork and add more value to your property.


Trade Qualified Painter

With over 15 years in the industry, Rachael excels as Schuster’s Painting’s lead painter. She’s skilled in commercial and residential projects, new constructions, repaints, insurance repairs, and maintenance work. A deck specialist, Rachael loves restoring rundown buildings and revitalising faded paint. She thrives on Schuster’s Painting’s variety and collaborative environment, making every project an adventure.


Trade Qualified Painter

Codie brings five years of experience as a full-time painter at Schuster’s Painting. Her skills include repaints, new builds, and commercial work. Codie’s dedication and positive attitude make her highly valuable to the team. She takes pride in her work, enjoys the collaborative environment, is always ready for new challenges, and is committed to client satisfaction in every project.


Skilled Painter in the Making

With six months’ experience in the painting industry, including two months as an apprentice, Kev is embarking on an exciting career. As a first-year apprentice at Schuster’s Painting, Kev is gaining hands-on experience in various painting projects. Kev has worked on internal repaints, a school, and several commercial jobs, developing a versatile skill set and understanding diverse painting techniques.

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