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Aged house paint? Over time, paint gets old due to wear and tear. One way to determine if your Acacia Ridge home requires a fresh coat of paint is by examining the exterior walls for signs of wear and tear. This may include chipping, peeling, or fading paint, which are clear indicators that it’s time for a repaint.

Cracks in the paint or wood may also signal the need for maintenance to protect the integrity of your home. Depending on the quality and environmental factors, most paint jobs should last at least 10 years. If it has been more than a decade since the last painting project, it’s likely time to consider giving your house a fresh, updated look.

Repainting can be a worthwhile investment if your home’s colour has become outdated or you’re looking to increase curb appeal and property value.

Not sure if you should get your Acacia Ridge home repainted?

When deciding if it’s time to repaint, consult Schuster’s Painting for an accurate assessment of your home. We can advise on preparation techniques, the quality of paint required and any special features, such as anti-mould or stain protection, that would add value to your home. We can estimate the materials to use, labour required to complete the project, and provide you with an accurate time frame.

Whether you’re looking for a slight touch-up or a complete exterior or interior repaint, we’ve got you covered. Request a free estimate today for all your house painting needs in Acacia Ridge.

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