2023’s Dulux Paint Colour Palette

Are you looking to create a refreshing look for your home this 2023? This article is right for you.

The perfect combination of balance, connection and renewal – all in one design is a homeowner’s guide to getting the perfect look and feel for their home this 2023! Here at Schuster’s Painting, we recommend the top paint colours that are currently in trend to help keep your home decor vision alive. Get ready to give your property an elegant touch with just the stroke of a brush!

Connect Scheme:

Connect scheme colour palette is inspired by nature and includes natural tones such as cedar, sandstone, and terracotta, creating a calming atmosphere in any room. These muted colours have an earthy feel, making them ideal for those who enjoy all things natural. Combine these colours with natural materials such as wood, stone, and textiles to make the most of this trend.

Revive Scheme:

Revive Scheme’s colour palette will bring any space to life! Brighten your home or office with warm yet vibrant hues like yellow ochre and green apple. Combine them with bold geometry for an energetic atmosphere that promotes conversation and connection amongst people – the perfect setting for social gatherings. Make it even merrier by adding playful accessories in bright colours. Nothing quite says fun is better than Revive Scheme!

Balance’ Colour Scheme:

Instantly sophisticate your space with the timeless balance colour scheme. This trend modernises traditional rooms while staying stylish for years, featuring classic blue-grey and navy hues combined with copper, brass, or metallic accents. For an extra luxurious feel, add velvet textures or sleek furniture pieces!

Choosing the right paint colour can be difficult, but with these Dulux Australia forecasts for 2023, you’ll be able to create a beautiful space that will impress your friends and family! There’s something for everyone in Connect’s natural tones, Revive’s bold patterns and Balance’s timeless elegance. So don’t be afraid to try new things.”

If you need help upgrading your space with 2023’s colour palette, contact Schuster’s Painting, and we will help you.
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