Exterior Painting Colour Choices for 2024

Are you planning to give your home a fresh look in 2024? Giving your home’s exterior a new coat of paint can be one of the easiest and most effective ways to elevate its appearance. Choosing the right exterior paint colours can make all the difference. In this blog post, we’ll help you narrow the options and choose the perfect colours for your two-storey home’s exterior painting projects.

Schuster’s Painting offers interior and exterior painting services throughout Brisbane. Our team of professional painters can help you pick and apply colours that best suit your desired look and style while maintaining and maximising the value of your property.

Neutral shades

Painting your home’s exterior with neutral shades can make it look visually appealing and timeless. Neutral shades, such as white, beige, grey, and pale blue, are versatile options that allow you to add personal touches with a pop of bolder colours in trimmings and accents. Neutral shades also make selling or renting your property easier, as they appeal to a broader range of people.

Bold colours

If you want your home’s exterior to stand out and make a statement, bold colours like navy blue, deep green, terra cotta, red, or black can do the trick. Bold colours are attention-grabbing and show off the architectural features of your home. To avoid overkill, paint the trims and accents with subtle colours or leave them white.

Earthy tones

Earthy tones like brown, beige, and moss green are becoming more popular in 2024. These colours create a calming and welcoming effect and create a natural vibe. They also work well with brick or stone foundations. Earthy tones are versatile and pair with vibrant or muted accents.

Pastel shades

Pastel shades like light pink, sky blue, pale yellow, or mint green create a cheerful and whimsical vibe. They work best with traditional-style homes and add a charming touch. Pastel shades can be paired with white or grey trims and dark accents for a city chic look.

Monochromatic shades

Monochromatic colours involve using a single colour but different shades and hues of that colour—for example, varying shades of blue or green. Monochromatic shades make selecting an exterior colour effortless and stylish. It adds depth and dimension to the paint job.


Schuster’s Painting offers various exterior painting services, including custom colours and matching existing schemes. We’re experts in applying coating products and providing advice about protecting and maintaining your property, and we prioritise our customers’ satisfaction.

If you’re unsure of the direction to go with your exterior painting project or have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us today. Let us help paint your two-storey home to perfection with trending and timeless colours.
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